10,000 pounds of crops. 100% goodness.

Airlie Berkshire Farm fulfills our vision of bringing this land back to its agricultural roots, just as Harry C. Groome intended it. Across 20 acres, we grow and harvest 20,000 pounds of produce a year. These farm-fresh veggies go to the Airlie kitchens to make our hyperlocal cuisine, and to support local food initiatives (in 2019, we have donated over 12,500 pounds to local food banks).

Farmer’s Helpers | Resident bee colonies are busy pollinating the Airlie Berkshire Farm crops and making sweet local honey.

Pasture-to-plate meats

75 acres of the farm are dedicated to raising our Berkshire pigs and Angus cattle—producing 12,000 pounds of beef and pork annually for resort guests and Harry’s diners. Our most popular resident has to be Talon the bull, a Reserve Grand Champion for Virginia.

Cuts for the Culinary Team | Airlie’s chefs are whipping up juicy masterpieces with our Black Angus New York Strips, London Broil, stew beef, brisket and ground beef (hello, Harry’s Burger!).

Beef and pork available for purchase

Call 540-341-3228 or order via e-mail berkshirefarm@airlie.com then pick-up on property Monday – Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM at 7110 Airlie Rd.

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Beyond pasture-to-plate—or even Farmed in Fauquier—our hyperlocal food comes straight from our own next-generation working farm.

—Chuck Smith, Airlie Executive Director