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The most wonderful time of the year? S’more season.

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In our humble opinion, s’more season should be a contender for “the most wonderful time of the year.” The mere idea of s’mores can bring a smile to your face on an otherwise gloomy day.

Gathering together with family and friends around the fire pit, enjoying quality time — and likely at some point debating how to roast the perfect marshmallow — is a sure way to create fond memories.

First, a little history: According to Wikipedia(1), a recipe for “some more” first appeared in Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts in 1927. While it is widely contested when the name was shortened to s’more, “some more” appeared in various publications until the early 1970s.

So today, we look at the joy of the s’more and how we like to enjoy them at Airlie.

The fire pits here are a popular gathering place for guests. The circle of Adirondack chairs around a crackling fire creates a relaxed environment to invite conversation. This concept is the cornerstone of what Airlie, as a conference center venue in the Dr. Head era, was built upon.

Patrons of Harry’s are also invited to enjoy s’mores around the fire pit as an extension of their meal. The lakeside fire pit located adjacent to the restaurant and just south of the formal gardens, is open at the request of any Harry’s guest. Kids from 1 to 92 will love this dessert option, and the ability to roast marshmallows over a real fire.

Should you prefer your s’more in liquid form (and you’re 21 or older),  we can do that too! Our S’more-tini captures the flavor and fun of the popular fireside treat in a martini glass.

Here’s how to make it at home:

1 oz. – Godiva chocolate liqueur
1 oz. – Absolut Vanilla vodka
¾ oz. – Monin marshmallow syrup
¾ oz. – Half & Half cream
Chocolate syrup
Graham crackers, crushed finely

Roll the rim of the martini glass in chocolate syrup followed by graham cracker crumbs.  Combine chocolate liqueur, vodka, half and half, syrup and ice in shaker. Shake and train into martini glass. Add 2-3 marshmallows and chocolate syrup swirl before serving.

Now we want to hear from you! How do you build the perfect s’more? Do you add extra (non-traditional) ingredients?  Share your favorite s’more recipes with us on our Facebook page – pictures encouraged.

In conclusion, happy fall, ya’ll. We hope to see you around the fire pit soon.

1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%27more