The latest news and happenings at Airlie

Hustle in Heels credit: Sarandipity Photography


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Hybrid Goose Airlie VA

Follow that bird: A new goose at Airlie

Visitors certainly expect to see a variety of wildlife as part of the Airlie experience. Canadian geese, fox, skunks (yep, it’s the country!), swans, and ducks are just some of the animals who call our grounds home. Recently, we discovered a new feathered friend, but we’re not quite sure how to identify him. So naturally, we turned to social media, and questioned the masses. A few answers we received were: Piebald Canadian Goose Domestic Goose x Canadian Goose Canadian Goose x Snow Goose Swan x Canadian Goose (Swoose) One user directed us to, which has an interesting article about…
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Warrenton Virginia hotel room

Wedding Room Block FAQ

If you are planning a wedding or special event, chances are you will want to book a room “block,” or set number of rate-protected rooms, at a hotel in close proximity to your venue. Like any aspect of event planning, there are many questions and considerations involved with this process. On the hotel and venue side, our team handles these requests on a daily basis so we thought it would be helpful to share some insight into how the process works at Airlie. Answered by our own Director of Rooms, Suzanne Gilmartin,¬†here are our top frequently asked questions about setting…
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5 Airlie activities meeting attendees will love

We know an off-site meeting itinerary can be packed to the gills. As such, Airlie offers a variety of activities to enjoy whether your attendees have a few minutes or a few hours to spare. We pride ourselves on offering top notch meeting facilities and exceptional service to all who visit, and we think of our grounds as the heart of the Airlie experience. Rolling countryside, fresh air, lakes, and trees combined with a number of ways to enjoy the time al fresco make the meeting attendee experience truly whole. Photo credit: Michelle Chu #5: Sporting Clays Led by our…
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