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virginia garden cocktails

From Garden to Glass: Airlie-Inspired Cocktails

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “farm to table.” A staple of any authentic dining experience in 2019, it references that the ingredients in your meal were sourced directly from a grower versus a food service provider. Think “mom and pop” versus “big box” retailer. At Airlie, we source from our own land, as Airlie Berkshire Farm and our 20+ year old organic garden are just 400 yards from Harry’s restaurant. Beyond that, we work with a host of local purveyors to complete our inventory and ensure we are creating experiences with the best ingredients possible. And that…
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Tropical party design; photo credit Sarandipity Photography

Four designs that will give your event the WOW factor

So, you’re hosting an event. The basics are probably what come to mind – select a date, book a venue, pick a menu, choose a bar package, contemplate music, and you’re off to the races. All of the above certainly contribute to a successful celebration, in a mandatory sort of way. But, what if you flipped the script on the everyday party planning list and start with a theme? Depending on the type of event – the sky is really the limit in terms of what a theme could be. In addition to serving as a guide to the entire…
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Hustle in Heels credit: Sarandipity Photography


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Hybrid Goose Airlie VA

Follow that bird: A new goose at Airlie

Visitors certainly expect to see a variety of wildlife as part of the Airlie experience. Canadian geese, fox, skunks (yep, it’s the country!), swans, and ducks are just some of the animals who call our grounds home. Recently, we discovered a new feathered friend, but we’re not quite sure how to identify him. So naturally, we turned to social media, and questioned the masses. A few answers we received were: Piebald Canadian Goose Domestic Goose x Canadian Goose Canadian Goose x Snow Goose Swan x Canadian Goose (Swoose) One user directed us to, which has an interesting article about…
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