Make it marvelous: the annual holiday party

Although we’re currently floating through fall, holiday party season is right around the corner and the time to start planning is now. Here are some ideas and trends from the Airlie planning team to make your event the topic of water cooler talk well into the new year.

Venue Variety
Tired of the same old same? Choosing a unique venue will encourage attendance and allow for creativity in other areas such as theme and dining. In addition, hosting off-site will inspire interest and create buzz, especially if it is in a new location, or away from the office for the first time.

Hire a professional photo booth company to capture and print images of your event. Attendees will receive a fun memento (that will likely come back to work with them), and allow them to enjoy the memories on a daily basis. Many outfits also will connect the photo feed to a social media account allowing your team to share the digital images with their friends and also portray a fun corporate culture to any job-seekers scanning your profile.

Timing Tricks
Consider planning an event away from the hustle and bustle that December brings. Instead, opt for an employee appreciation celebration in November or January. Not only will calendars be clear, but venue rates will be cheaper in the holiday party “off-season.”

Dining Decisions

The classic conundrum: plated or buffet? Switch it up to appetizers and cocktails or stations with local beer or wine pairings. This way, there is a variety of food, and the flow is open to encourage mingling. Be sure to ask your planner about alternative menus
to accommodate dietary needs, and unique options to wow your attendees.

The Season of Giving
Add a charitable component to your event by encouraging guests to bring an item for the food pantry or unwrapped toy to donate. Companies can choose a charitable organization to support ahead of time and create a giving challenge or match employee donations.

Need more ideas? Contact the Airlie planning team today by calling 540-341-3288 or submit an information request.