The latest news and happenings at Airlie

Big Game Recipe: Cauliflower Bites

One of the biggest sports days of the year is upon us – do you have your menu planned? Preparing food for the big game can be just as big a deal as Thanksgiving meal planning, whether you’re hosting or attending a watch party. Similarly, these options are just as important when selecting an establishment to visit during game time hours.  Harry’s 1st and $10 menu has provided affordable appetizer options for fans all season long and is celebrating its finale this weekend. One of our favorite selections is the Cauliflower Bites. A tad bit healthier, and a great vegetarian…
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Learning more about the origins of Airlie, an interview with Harry Groome

Maya Angelou once said “You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.” Deep, right? At Airlie, we’ve been through a lot over the years, and are still striving to learn more about the humble beginnings of our property. While bits and pieces have come together through various sources of research, there has been something missing – the personal piece. Who was Harry Groome? Why did he decide to make a home in Virginia? More often than not, those intimate details are left out of public records. Fortunately, in fall of 2019 we received…
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2019 Holiday Cocktails from Harry’s at Airlie

  The holiday season is our favorite time of year for so many reasons – a joyful feeling in the air, the twinkling sparkle of Airlie grounds covered in lights, hosting guests as they celebrate with family and friends – and the list goes on. A few years back, the team decided to share some of our favorite cocktail recipes in a “12 days of holiday cocktails” format. 2019 marks the fourth year of designing and publishing this list – our small gift to you as we celebrate the season. Since the opening of Harry’s in 2016, we have a…
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Virginia wedding at Airlie

2020 Wedding Trends

Hosting weddings is truly a great joy for our team. We take pride in assisting with the details of a couples’ day, from rehearsal through sparkler send-off. The best part is seeing the couple with their families and friends, and the outpouring of love and emotion as two individuals start their journey together. Call us sappy, but what can we say – we love LOVE. On the planning side, a neat part of the job is seeing the vision from couple to couple, and comparing trends from year to year. For 2020, we’re noticing some overlap in wedding trends –…
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